A little bit of Johannisdal's History


 In the old village shop Johannisdal on road 53,south of Sparreholm it is now all about food, the café and the possibility to  stay overnight ... let us tell you from the beginning:


Lets go back to Sweden in the 1850's, people were poor and Anna Andersdotter left her family home in Malung, Dalarna.  She was a hard and tough "dalkulla"(Special name for women from the County of Dalarna) who decided to try her luck in the  South. She loaded her waggon full with her possessions, pots and pans and the little food she could get hold of, and left  Dalarna for good.


On her waggon sat her 4 sons as they began the long trip south. Anna Andersdotter was a woman with a nose for business  and on the trip south she did som wheeling and dealing, swapped, brought and sold, until they arrived at thier destination.


Finally they came to the crossrads for  Helgesta and Frändesta just outside Sparreholm. This was her final destination.


She found a little red cottage called Korshäll, which was diagonally opposite where Johannisdal is now. This is where she  settled and opened here shop - the first one in the area. Business was good, her sons grew up and all opened there own  shops and they all helped each other with thier businesses.


Anna's oldest son built Johannisdal in 1896, and when he died a few years after the building was finished his son Johan took  over the shop and even gave the shop and the area the name of Johannisdal.


Johannisdal continued to be a centre for trading in the area until 1979, when the last owner shut the shop doors for ever. The  house was purchased by a potter from Sparreholm and Johannisdal became a arts & crafts café.


This business continued under different owners until the beginning of 1990's when it became a halfway house you juveniles.


In may 1999 Johannisdals Café reopened serving homebaked bread and cakes as well as light food. Johannisdal had a  new owner in 2003 who complete renovated the kitchen and they began serving real home cooked food.


Just like in the old days when people stayed the night to let thier horses rest we now offer Bed & Breakfast. Here you can  rent a fresh room and get served with a great breakfast and all for a reasonable cost.


Så now we have tied old and new together - Johannisdal is still a place where people meet in the same way it was ment  from the beginning


Welcome to Johannisdals Café for rest and leasure, stop here wo chat with other travellers and eat something good, enjoy  the nature and the atmosphere of the old house.


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